Translational motion

I was wondering if it's possible to mimic a volume moving back and forth (rocking) with this software?

Yes and No

You can move objects according to prescribed motion using translation, rotation, and scale in Caedium. And the surface-based solver in the Panel Flow add-on can simulate the idealized (potential) flow around moving objects, for an example see "Screencast of Transient Air Flow Over a Pitching Wing."

Currently we do not support motion simulations for the volume-based solvers in the RANS Flow add-on.

oscillating motion and user defined motion


I wonder if you can use user defined motion or if you can impose and oscillating motion.



Oscillatory Motion

To achieve oscillatory motion you have to manually set the transforms at the key frames. Then select the Transform tab in the Properties Panel for the entity (e.g., volume) and set the property Time->[transform]->Transition = Smooth (Cosine).

If by "user defined motion" you mean an arbitrary motion path, then no that is not currently available.

Oscillatory Motion

So, it is possible to setup an airfoil undergoing heaving or flapping motion (that is to say an airfoil going up and down or a combination of heave and pitch motion)?

Are you planning to add user defined motion in the future?

Combination of Translation and Rotation Motion

Yes, I'd characterize the motion you described as a combination of translation and rotation.

Would user defined motion convince you to purchase a Caedium subscription? :-)

Remember, simulating fluid flow over a moving object is only supported in the panel method.

Well, actually we are looking

Well, actually we are looking for something with capability to simulate user defined motions or combination of translation and rotation using panel/vlm methods, so if it can be done with symscape definetely we will considered it as a candidate.

Btw, is it possible to run LES simulation with symscape?.



No LES Yet

The translation/rotation capability for the panel method is available now, so I suggest you have a go with our free 30-day trial of Caedium Professional if you haven't already.

No LES yet, only just getting to grips the RANS Flow add-on. What types of applications do you want to simulate with LES?

Hi, Ok, currently I am


Ok, currently I am testing the demo version, let's see if it fit our requirements. For the moment I am taking a short vacation, so I will restart with the demo version next week.

We use LES for bluff body simulations (around prismatic bodies), the Re is something between 50000 and 100000.

One final question, probably is a stupid one, but I didnt manage to solve my problem. How can I get a summary of a case?. That is to say, I downloaded some test cases and at one point I was interested in knowing the BCs, ICs and type of solver used, but I didnt managed to get this info from the case file.



Not Stupid

There is no BC summary, you have to select each face and then in the Properties Panel select the Face tab to see the specific conditions.

Select either the sim (background for an external Panel Flow simulation) or the volume (for an internal Panel Flow or RANS Flow simulation) and select the Simulation or Volume tab in the Properties Panel to review the Substance (material properties) settings.

On your behalf I just added a post to the idea forum to provide a visual indicator for BC types, be sure to rate it. Also add any extra details you think are necessary as a comment.