Porous media

Is there any way to simulate porous media with this software?

No Porous Media

No, there is currently no way to simulation porous media in Caedium. It is something I am looking in to, but I can't give any timeline as to when Caedium might support it.

What kind of application do you want to simulate?

porous zone

I would like to simulate HVAC-components, e.g. finned tube heat exchangers. Such components cause a pressure drop in the
air stream.

Rough Wall Function Maybe

To simulate the finned walls on a small number of tubes and the flow over them you could try using Physics:Wall->Type->nut = Continuous Rough Wall Function, with Ks = Sand-grain roughness height, where a rough wall is represented by Ks > 0.

Though, if you have a pack of many tubes in a finned enclosure, such as the radiator on a car, then the porous media approach is the only viable option.