Caedium Version 2.4.0 Release Notes

The latest Caedium release contains a variety of enhancements and bug fixes. One of the highlights is the ability to produce high quality rendered movies (animations) with the option to use either POV-Ray or a Renderman-compliant application (e.g., Aqsis) to produce each movie frame. Frames can be rendered in parallel (either on standalone multi-core computers or on a cluster running Windows HPC Server 2008) in order to significantly speed up the overall movie creation process.

Another highlight of this Caedium release is the improved interactive performance when manipulating the 3D view and selecting entities. Plots and monitors now have interactive panning and zooming.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Movies
    • New POV-Ray and Renderman (e.g., Aqsis) options to create movie frames [RANS Flow|Transient]
    • POV-Ray and Renderman-compliant applications can be run in parallel while creating movie frames [RANS Flow|Transient]
  • Interaction
    • New interactive panning and zooming for plots and monitors, analogous to the 3D view interaction
    • Improved 3D view manipulation speed using hardware acceleration
  • Picking
    • Improved picking accuracy when zoomed in
    • Improved picking speed using hardware acceleration
    • Improved edge and vertex picking
    • New picking resolution preference to customize edge-vertex precision
    • New offset preference to set the number of pixels between Select dialog and cursor location
  • Physics
    • New heat flux specification option for temperature [RANS Flow]
    • New volume (incompressible) and mass (compressible) flow rate specifications for outlets [RANS Flow]
    • New Atmospheric Boundary Layer (ABL) specification for inlets [RANS Flow]
    • New slip condition as an alternative to symmetry local for outer boundaries [RANS Flow]
    • Angular velocity condition uses center of geometry as default origin rather than using global origin [Panel Flow|RANS Flow]
  • Simulation Control
    • New Time Stops allow you to bookmark simulation times, and respond to Beginning, End, and Loop simulation time control buttons [RANS Flow|Transient]
    • Run simulations simultaneously [RANS Flow|Transient]
  • Geometry
    • Imported geometry shells are automatically converted to volumes [Exchange]
    • New decompose geometry Boolean, equivalent to combining subtract and intersect Booleans [Builder]
  • Particles increment default = 0.01

Bug Fixes

  • STEP and IGES import did not preserve units of original model [Exchange]
  • Rounding error with small time-steps caused OpenFOAM to look for a non-existent directory [RANS Flow]
  • Could not rollback reliably if solver process failed to start [RANS Flow]
  • Could not rollback to a restored time [RANS Flow]
  • Could not reliably access temporary movie frame file while creating a movie [RANS Flow|Transient]
  • Color dialog was non-modal
  • If progress bar was not active, it was not resized when the application window was resized
  • Select dialog was anchored to first monitor in dual (or more) monitor setup
  • TIFF import and use in a 3D view window caused Caedium to crash on Linux
  • Angular velocity on an outlet was reversed [RANS Flow]
  • Moving time slider backward and forward rapidly in a non-archived simulation caused Caedium to crash on Linux [RANS Flow|Transient]
  • Setting particles as tubes or ribbons and transparent for small increments caused Caedium to crash
  • Progress bar went backward during restore