Caedium Builder

Caedium Builder allows you to quickly and easily create 2D or 3D models that represent your designs.

Caedium Builder

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Caedium Builder's versatile non-history based modeling gives you access to CAD-like capabilities within Caedium's unified simulation environment, so you can create your geometry and see the physical results of your simulation without ever having to leave Caedium - no time-consuming and tedious export and import of data.

Create geometry using solid modeling with NURBS, primitives and Booleans in Caedium Builder.

Check out Builder tutorials.

Use the tools provided by Builder to convert CAD data into a water-tight CFD flow volume as shown below.

Original CAD Geometry Original CAD GeometryFull car

CFD Flow Volume CFD Flow VolumeSymmetric half car

Caedium Builder is an add-on to Caedium, and provides the following capabilities:

Construct geometry

  • Use default 3D volumes: box, cone, cylinder, frustum, sphere, torus.
  • Stitch faces together to create volumes.
  • Stitch edges together to create faces.
  • Add default 2D faces: circle, ellipse, rectangle.
  • Create 2D surfaces using the loft function.
  • Generate default edge types: circle, ellipse, line.
  • Create cylindrical and conical helices
  • Use splines to create edges from vertices.
  • Create vertices.
  • Extrude, revolve, and sweep vertices, edges, and faces to create edges, faces, and volumes, respectively.
  • Create multiple instances of primitives at multiple geometry centers.

Modify geometry

  • Chamfer the edges of your geometry (e.g. chamfer edges of a cube).
  • Fillet the edges of a volume (e.g. fillet edges of a cube).
  • Fix tolerance problems.
  • Offset faces of a volume.
  • Use our Flexile Technology to perform topology operations, such as join that can suppress small features. Also topology operations allow you to combine faceted and analytic geometry into single hybrid models.

Hybrid CFD Flow Volume Hybrid CFD Flow VolumeSketchUp model combined with analytic geometry to form a water-tight flow volume

Combine geometry

  • Unite geometry (e.g. sphere and cube, circle and rectangle).
  • Subtract geometry (e.g. sphere from a cube, circle from a rectangle).
  • Intersect geometry (e.g. sphere and cube, circle and rectangle).

Transform geometry

  • Rotate, scale, and translate geometry about the origin or user-defined axes.
  • Orient an object in the X, Y, or Z direction (useful for aligning cameras.)
  • Align source geometry centers, by translation, with a target geometry center.


  • Annotate your model and results with text.
  • Create additional axes to help you position your geometry quickly and accurately.
  • Add lights to illuminate your geometry and highlight special features.
  • Export brep files to use in other programs.


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