Caedium Professional

Caedium Professional combines the entire Caedium add-on collection for a complete, affordable and easy-to-use Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software system.

Caedium Professional

Caedium Professional is an add-on to Caedium, and contains all of the following:

  • RANS Flow: use state-of-the-art RANS CFD to simulate realistic (viscous) gas or liquid flow with heat transfer around and through your design to determine flow directions and forces (e.g., lift and drag)
  • Panel Flow: use a panel method to simulate idealized (inviscid) gas or liquid flow around streamlined shapes and through simple ducts to determine flow directions and forces
  • Builder: create and modify your own 2D and 3D geometry designs
  • Transient: explore time-dependent simulations and visualization of results
  • Exchange: import and export STEP, IGES and faceted file formats
  • Viz Export: export your 3D results to high resolution, high quality renderers and other visualization packages

For more details check out our Caedium Product Comparison chart.


The screencast below shows Caedium Professional in action. See the full power of our unified simulation environment for CFD - from geometry creation to results visualization for a steady-state turbulent CFD simulation of air flow through a pipe into a box.