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"[Caedium] delivered great result, our product is now the best for the money and among the 2 best in the country in shear performance."
Olivier Thomas, Superlite Cars

"The more I learn about your software the more I realize how powerful it is."
— Bill Mabe, Turbomachinary Consultant, Weir Specialty Pumps

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"[Caedium has] all the basics you would expect of a good CFD package, and a little bit more."
Simon McBeath, Racecar Engineering

"[Caedium] has been an invaluable resource to the team in coming up with a final car design."
Michelle Lennon, Cold Fusion, 2012 F1 in Schools World Champions

"I am currently evaluating the [Caedium] PRO version, I am impressed by the easiness of the product, I have built in a couple of hours what took me days using blockMesh!!"
Pierre Caste, TEOtech

"Caedium seems very powerful with fantastic view features."
Riccardo Romanelli, MECO Italia

"Caedium is a welcome GUI, giving me the freedom to analyze very rapidly using RANS with virtually anything I can cook up in Rhino or SolidWorks. Brilliant."
Richard Loheed, Loheed Technologies

"I found it [Caedium] to be extremely useful and easy to use."
Fernando Freitas

"In my view your CFD offering including tutorials give excellent value for money and really lowers the bar for us CFD newcomers. Your GUI gives OpenFOAM what it really needs - a much more user friendly environment including intuitive preprocessing, thanks!"
Per Hassel

"Awesome software, incredible display."

"Thanks a lot for developing such an amazing and very user-friendly CFD software!"

"Just downloaded the trial of [Caedium] PRO, and so far, its the simplest CFD package I've ever used and have been able to get basic results out quickly."
Ryan Botha

"I love Caedium on my MacBook Pro. It is very impressive how easy it is to do CFD calculations with your code."
Charles Bennett