Caedium Transient

Caedium Transient enables you to take your design analysis a step further by exploring time-dependent simulations and results.

Caedium Transient add-on

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With Caedium Transient you can assess how the physics of your simulation will vary over time. Interactive animation features and simple controls help you to step backward and forward through time to see your results at any time step along the way.

Caedium Transient is an add-on to Caedium, and provides the following capabilities:

Simple control

  • Simple media player like controls
    Simulation Control Toolbar
  • Overall time duration and individual time step controls
  • Integrated particle animation
  • Animated camera allows you to specify the exact view of your design at individual time steps
  • Replay image sequences as movies (.avi) using our movie recorder
  • Automated simulation telemetry system (Telemetrics):
    • Post images to TwitPic and post associated messages (tweets) to Twitter.
    • Save copies of the Caedium project file (.sym) as a simulation advances.
    • Export any supported file type (e.g., png) with each simulation update.

Simulate geometry motion

  • Intuitive geometry movement specification/modification system (requires Builder add-on)
  • Near real-time playback/review of completed simulation visualization and plots with our Transient Archive Technology


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