Caedium Defined

Caedium is a single unified simulation environment for engineering concept design analysis.

Caedium ScreenshotCaedium Screenshot

Caedium supports a toolbox of techniques that provide varying levels of accuracy, turnaround time and computer resource requirements. The unified simulation environment seamlessly supports the full range of software based engineering simulation, including:

  • Geometry capture via creation, import and cleanup
  • Context sensitive meshing and mesh scheme selection
  • Physical condition specification
  • Time dependency
  • Visualization
  • Plotting
  • Photo-realistic rendering

Caedium uses physics-based terminology rather than technique-specific terminology. Caedium is a unified simulation environment that allows geometry modification without needing to revisit separate upstream applications (e.g. CAD or meshing applications).

Time dependent (transient) results can be reviewed in real-time once a full sweep through a transient simulation is complete, due to transient data archiving. Caedium is goal driven, such that asking for say velocity on a surface will automatically ensure that the simulation pipeline is created and/or up to date i.e., meshing the geometry and running the simulation.

Currently a simple transient, surfaced based, potential flow methodology is implemented for aerodynamic (gas and liquid) concept design analysis. Multi-physics and higher fidelity techniques are planned and will be seamlessly incorporated via Caedium's add-on architecture.