April Fools - Caedium is not on the iPad

You probably guessed that yesterday was April Fools' Day and in the spirit of fake news we announced that our unified simulation environment, Caedium, was available for the eagerly awaited iPad. Well sorry to disappoint, but we don't have a version of Caedium for the iPad - at least not yet - who knows what the future holds though.

Fake Photo of Caedium on the iPadFake Photo of Caedium on the iPad

One thing you could carry over from the iPad to Caedium Professional is the iPad tag line, "A magical and revolutionary [CFD] product at an unbelievable price." Unlike the iPad, you can take our magical and revolutionary product home for a 30-day free trial.

Other noteworthy April Fools' Day hoaxes this year included:

  • Google announced it had changed its name to Topeka, in response to the Kansas town Topeka that actually did change its name to Google for a month
  • YouTube set the default video quality to a new option called text that displayed its videos as text in order to reduce bandwidth costs
  • ThinkGeek offered the iCade for sale, which, when combined with an iPad provided a retro gaming cabinet for playing classic video games such as Donkey Kong and something called Super Steve Bros (presumably a reference to Steve Jobs)

For a near exhaustive list of 2010 April Fools' Day hoaxes see "April Fools' Day On The Web."


April fools day

My god. That's not funny. If you are someone like me and want to do a bit of mesh generation or 2 phase flow resolving whilst on the bus Caedium on iphone sounds irresistible. It's only with Symscape that you can get this quality of products at a reasonable price.