Caedium v5 Sneak Peek: Enhanced Accuracy Tool

The next release of the Caedium CFD software system will include an enhanced Accuracy tool with a new maximum mesh size parameter. The new size parameter will provide a method to set an explicit physical element size for an entity (e.g., face) rather than just an interval (resolution) number as in the current version of Caedium.

Enhanced Caedium Accuracy ToolEnhanced Caedium Accuracy ToolInterval-Based (left) vs Size-Based (right) Mesh Parameters

The new Accuracy tool parameter will constrain the mesh on an entity to be a specified size rather than inferring the size from the intervals along edges. This means the specified maximum size will be consistent across multiple entities, whereas the previous interval sizing was per entity leading to disparate sizing between entities.


Caedium v5 Released

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