Fake Real Transparent Car

I couldn’t resist writing about a real-world transparent car [source: Jalopnik], especially after already covering real-world cutaway and wireframe models. So you know the score, which is real and which is fake?

Transparent PontiacFake Transparent Car: Courtesy of RM Auctions

Car Exhaust Concentrations - Implications for Cyclists

A recent CFD study into the exhaust concentration in car wakes has revealed that certain rear car spoilers (or airfoils) can either disperse or concentrate pollutants at the same height as a following cyclist's head. The study "Spoiling Air Pollution Dispersion: A Numerical Investigation of Exhaust Plume Dispersion from Cars with Rear Spoilers" authored by A. McNabola, implies possible health implications for cyclists and pedestrians that follow behind cars.

Car WakeCar Wake: Streamlines released from a tailpipe

Poor Assessment of CFD for Rooftop Solar Arrays

In the press release announcing the report "Rooftop Solar Arrays and Wind Loading: A Primer on Using Wind Tunnel Testing as a Basis for Code Compliant Design per ASCE 7 (pdf)," there is the phrase:

"It also addresses the applicability of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), which is sometimes proposed as an alternative to testing."

With eager anticipation I read the report and found a quite damning assessment of CFD.

Oceanic Domination

Not content with air domination through Virgin Airlines and Virgin America, and space domination through Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson has now set his sights on ocean domination with Virgin Oceanic.

LinkedIn Group Discussions Linked to CFD Market Reports

A recent report "Global Computational Fluid Dynamics Market 2010-2014" caught my attention. This report and a number of similar CFD market reports from Infiniti Research on their TechNavio website bare an uncanny resemblance (based on their titles and summaries) to a series of questions and discussion in the LinkedIn group Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Nasal CFD

The range of applications that can benefit from Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis is quite literally breath taking. Take for instance a recent study that used CFD to analyze re-constructive surgery of a virtual nose, which could lead to improved nasal surgery.

Virtual NoseVirtual Nose

To Drone or Not

Unmanned aerial vehicles are all the rage at the moment and for obvious reasons - they don't risk humans in hostile environments and they don't get tired or need bathroom breaks. So it's a little surprising to see Firebird, a prototype surveillance airplane from Northrop Grumman, that can operate as a pilotless drone or operate as a piloted airplane.

The Jetpack You're Looking For

A jetpack from Martin Aircraft has taken flight and reached an impressive 5000 ft. Technically it's a twin rotor ducted fan, so it isn't really a jet but you get the idea. However, this is the jetpack you're looking for.

Rocket for One

Copenhagen Suborbitals is a Danish team of rocketeers who are planning to launch a one person suborbital rocket called Tycho Brahe. The project has progressed to the demonstration stage with a dummy taking the place of the single passenger. It's a cozy fit with the rocket diameter not much large than the chest measurement of the lucky (brave) passenger, who will have to stand upright in the nose cone.

Fake Real Cutaway Models

I just had to follow up on my recent fake real wireframe post with a similar theme on cutaway models. As an engineer I've always found it fascinating to see how things work, and so when I come across cutaway schematics of planes, cars, engines, etc. happy am I. Better still if I find an actual physical cutaway. So for your enjoyment, but also for mine, check out the physical cutaway collection at Oobject.

Fake Cutaway MiniFake Cutaway Mini

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