F1 in Schools World Finals and Caedium CFD Simulations

After winning the Australian F1 in Schools title in March, Basilisk Performance went on to the F1 in Schools World Finals held September 20-22, 2010 in Singapore. Brett Sizeland, the team's chief designer, again turned to Caedium CFD simulations to help guide the aerodynamic design of the car.

Basilisk Performance CO2 Dragster Basilisk Performance CO2 Dragster: Left, white car


The team had high hopes of winning, so they were a little disappointed with 5th overall out of 25 teams. However, in recognition of Brett's design skills, the team won the best engineered car, and in recognition of their marketing skills they also won the best portfolio award.

Jenson Button presenting awards to Basilisk Performance Jenson Button presenting awards to Basilisk Performance

In the battle for The Ashes, mimicking the cricket match of the same name played between England and Australia, Basilisk beat out the other Australian and English teams in a knockout tournament. So Brett and his team took home the urn with the ashes of the English and Australian cars from the 2007 championship.

Wrap Up

More details on the CFD simulations performed with Caedium can be found at "F1 in Schools World Finals CFD Analysis."

Basilisk Performance comes from Sebastopol College in Ballarat, Victoria and the team members are (left to right in photo below):

  • Aidan Cowie - Team Manager
  • Ben Kersten - Resources Manager
  • Brett Sizeland - Design Engineer
  • Keira Schroeders - Graphic Designer

Basilisk Performance Team and Booth Basilisk Performance Team and Booth

The World Finals marks the end of Basilisk's participation in F1 in Schools, given that it's time for the team members to graduate and, who knows, possibly end up in a real F1 team. Brett is passing on his knowledge in a new role as mentor to a junior F1 in Schools team called Light Speed Racing. They recently won a regional Australian F1 in Schools heat and therefore qualified for the Australian national championships to be held in March 2011.


..the yellow car....our national champion

Hi Symscape,

no need to mention that the yellow car - our national champion - was the world fastest F1 in Schools car this season...;-).
CFD has been done with ANSYS - which you and I dont like (I work for Siemens PLM).
Back to F1 in Schools: I am interested to get in contact with your distributor in Germany. The CFD packacke we use for the contest is a bit "out of date" and not very well integrated with the CAD package we use (Solid Edge).

Armin Gittinger
Managing Director F1 in Schools Germany

German Engineering

Congratulations, great work - German engineering continues its great automotive tradition.

I have nothing against ANSYS, they have a great line up of CFD tools if you can afford them.

We don't currently have a German (or any other) distributor, so please use our contact form to share your requirements.