April 2014: 3D Visualization, Turbulence Modeling, and Automation

3D visualization explained, diagnosing turbulence model issues, and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) task automation using Caedium's Python scripting - a technical reading list for you this month. Too much? Then lighten the load with some April Fools' Day posts on the aerodynamics of stationary bicycles.

Caedium CFD Simulation of a CycloneCaedium CFD Simulation of a CycloneArrows representing velocity vectors

Color Maps, Vectors, Streamlines, Action!

CFD is synonymous with impressive 3D visualization. Learn more about the basic 3D visualization techniques in CFD and how they can help you reduce the mass of raw data from a simulation into insightful and beautiful graphics. Read more >>

6 Things to Consider Before Switching Turbulence Model

Turbulence modeling for the Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) equations - the basis of most industrial CFD software - is a complex field. Trying to strike a balance between accuracy and computational efficiency has given rise to a relatively large number of different turbulence models. I am not aware of a definitive list to match turbulence models to applications - if you are, please share! With this in mind I'll share 6 suggestions before you consider switching the default turbulence model in your CFD software. Read more >>

Automated Creation and Export of CFD Results

Previously I showed how to automate a sequence of Caedium CFD simulations of an alpha sweep for an airliner. Next up I will show you how to automate the export of results from Caedium in a specific format. This example focuses on the files required for ixCube 4-10 (the successor to ixForten 4000) to perform a structural analysis using the pressure coefficient (Cp) from an airflow simulation over a tensile structure or membrane. Read more >>

Aerodynamic Performance of a Stationary Bicycle

Aerodynamics plays a crucial role in the performance characteristics of outdoor cycling. However, no-one to my knowledge has used CFD to analyze the aerodynamic performance of a stationary bicycle - at least until now! Read more >>

Aerodynamics Plays No Role in the Performance of Stationary Bicycles

While I'm sure you know aerodynamics does play a crucial role in outdoor cycling, aerodynamics doesn't offer any performance gains for stationary cycling indoors. With this in mind, hopefully you spotted that my previous blog post "Aerodynamic Performance of a Stationary Bicycle" was a cunning April Fools' Day ruse. Read more >>