August 2008

Development continues on our next major release. Hopefully within the next month or two we'll be ready to make a full announcement. In the meantime we've expanded our file downloads and added a new screencast to our examples on our website. You'll also find a new article on dimensionless numbers.

Internal Flow Through a RoomInternal Flow Through a Room


Sit back and enjoy our screencast "Transient Air Flow Over a Pitching Wing." You'll see an entire simulation performed using our Caedium Professional add-on; starting with geometry creation, motion specification, and physics definition, and finishing with transient 3D pressure coefficient contours on a wing surface. Using our intuitive drag-and-drop tools you'll see how simple and easy it is to simulate air flow within our Caedium unified simulation environment.

File Downloads

Within our file downloads area on our website you can find a host of sym files that you can simply view with Caedium or modify for your own needs using the Caedium Professional add-on. There are also other file types available, such as STEP. The most recent additions are listed below.

Dimensionless Numbers

Dimensionless (or non-dimensional) numbers, such as the Reynolds number and Mach number, are a general concept (extensively used within fluid dynamics) to allow comparison between similar flow physics carried out at different scales and with different fluid properties.


Below are teasers for our latest blog posts. The titles are links to the full posts.

Beijing 2008 Olympics: Sports Engineering
It's not only the stadiums at the Beijing 2008 Olympics that have received the attention of engineers wielding the latest Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) analysis software - it's also the sports events themselves.

Beijing 2008 Olympics: Civil Engineering
Prior to the August 8 start date of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, there was already evidence of outstanding performances; not from athletes (their turn will come), but instead from the army of engineers and architects responsible for the design and construction of the Olympic sports venues.

Fluid Games
Need a break from hardcore Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation? Then consider some free, casual fluid-themed games, such as Plasma Pong and flOw.

Wind Tunnels and CFD
To many observers the rivalry between wind tunnels and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a zero-sum game - as CFD matures it simply replaces wind tunnels. However, this is far from the truth. Often you'll find wind tunnels and CFD used together in a symbiotic process where one technique fills in knowledge gaps left by the other.

Wave-Powered Boat Crosses Pacific
What do you do after setting world records for the furthest distance traveled by a pedal boat (4660 miles across the Pacific Ocean, from Hawaii to Okinawa) and the fastest Pacific crossing in a solar-powered boat? If you are Kenichi Horie you try to cross the Pacific in a wave-powered boat in pursuit of another world record.