December 2008

The Caedium RANS Flow add-on development continues; this month we completed support for natural convection for heat transfer with buoyancy and compressible flow. For a sneak peek at a buoyancy-driven flow see the image below. We've also added a new tip on our website for the Accuracy tool and discussed how Computer-Aided Engineering analysis tools relate to product design.

Natural Convection Sneak PeekNatural Convection Sneak Peek

Accuracy Tool

Within the context of Computer-Aided Engineering analysis tools the accuracy of results is intimately related to the mesh element size. Caedium is no exception to this rule and in order to control mesh element size Caedium provides an Accuracy tool in the Physics Tool Palette...Read more

The Accuracy tool is available when either the Caedium Professional or Caedium Panel Flow add-ons are activated. So get your free 30-day trial now and give the Accuracy tool a try.

Product Design and Computer-Aided Engineering Analysis Tools

Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) analysis tools, such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), have become an integral part of product design for many industries. The early adopters (and initial developers) of such tools were the aerospace and automotive industries. These industries were quick to notice the promise of CAE analysis tools to reduce the need for expensive physical modeling and prototypes. And where the aerospace and automotive industries led, many others have followed...Read more

Happy Holidays

Oh yes, and less we forget (easy to do given the current frigid economic climate), enjoy the holidays and Happy New Year!

Snow GlobeSnow Globe: Created using Caedium Professional