February 2012

The next release of Caedium (v3.1) is progressing well, so I thought this month would be a good moment for a sneak peek. Are you ready for our latest poll results and the launch of a new poll? Great, then you won't be disappointed. Also catch up on all my latest blog posts.

CFD Simulation for a Tensile Structure Covering a BuildingCFD Simulation for a Tensile Structure Covering a BuildingGeometry Courtesy of ixForten 4000

Improved Double-Sided Face Meshing

After releasing the new double-sided face simulation capability in Caedium v3.0, it came to light that the meshing tended to struggle when a membrane is in close proximity to other geometry. An improved meshing algorithm for double-sided faces will be available in the next version of Caedium (v3.1) that can better handle such cases. The image above shows a tensile structure membrane in close proximity to a building, successfully simulated thanks to the new meshing algorithm.


After 166 votes accumulated since April 2011 we finally closed the poll "What is the biggest barrier to CFD adoption?". For a summary of the results and some additional thoughts, see the blog post "What's Holding Back Computational Fluid Dynamics?", but before you do - make sure you have your say in our latest poll "What is the most difficult part of CFD?".


Below are teasers for my latest blog posts.

What's Holding Back Computational Fluid Dynamics?

The results are in for our latest poll and from 166 visitors to the Symscape website an overwhelmingly number (49%) cited the price of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software as the biggest barrier to further CFD adoption. The second most cited concern (17%) was CFD software complexity. Read more >>

Flying Humans Spotted Over New York

Yes you read that right - three humans were recently spotted flying over New York without a jetpack in sight. Don't believe me? Then watch the video. Read more >>

Puddle: Another Fluid Game

Do you sometimes feel like your Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation just needs a little nudge to do the right thing? Well I'm sure you'll appreciate (need even!) some light relief with the fluid-based video game Puddle. Puddle is all about nudging and manipulating the world so your precious fluid gets to its destination through a fiendish puzzle-like maze. Read more >>


Caedium v4 Released

For the full story on the Caedium v4 release (v3.1 became v4) see "Simulate Free Surface Flows Using a Volume of Fluid CFD Solver"