January 2014: CFD Productivity Tips

It's 2014 and have we got a newsletter for you! First let's wrap up 2013 with a festive story about how Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) can help explain Santa's mission impossible. Next it's time for serious work with 12 CFD tips and a look at laminar and turbulent flow using Caedium Professional. For the finale, read about energy generation from kites of the underwater variety.

CFD Simulation of Reality Distortion Field Bubble Around Santa and his EntourageCFD Simulation of Reality Distortion Field Bubble Around Santa and his EntourageVelocity Arrows Storm

CFD Explains Santa's Whereabouts

For Santa to meet his aggressive toy delivery schedule on Xmas eve it would appear that he has to travel impossibly fast. Yet there are often sightings of Santa on his rounds, which seems to contradict this high speed hypothesis. The only way to explain Santa's whereabouts is that he uses a Reality Distortion Field (RDF). Santa's special projects division (known as Elf Works) is responsible for the RDF and it remains tight lipped on how it works. However, with the help of CFD we have pieced together how the RDF might work. Read more >>

12 CFD Tips for a Productive New Year

To make best use of CFD software there are a number of key concepts to keep in mind. Based on my experiences and those of Caedium Professional users here's a selection of the important issues to consider while you prepare and perform your own CFD simulations. Read more >>

Laminar vs Turbulent Flow Over Airfoils

Which is more efficient: laminar or turbulent flow over an airfoil? Find out in this simple CFD study. Read more >>

Underwater Kites Generate Electricity

There are some fascinating proposals for power generation using tethered kites and balloons, so why not investigate the equivalent of underwater kites for generating power? Why not indeed, because that is exactly what two independent teams of researchers are doing, one from Minesto, Sweden and the other from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA [Source: Discovery News]. Read more >>