July 2015: Summer Cycling, Support, and More CFD Fun

Summer's here at Symscape HQ and therefore it's Tour de France time, so find out why cycling has gone all in on aero. Unrelated - but an important issue - do you know why Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) can be so costly? If not, learn more about the role of technical support. Then to finish up with even more fun than last month, see how Caedium simulated the flow through the pipe networks from a classic screensaver of yesteryear.

Caedium CFD Simulation for Multiple Pipe NetworksCaedium CFD Simulation for Multiple Pipe Networks

Cycling Joins The Aero Club

The 2015 Tour de France is in full swing and it is abundantly clear that aerodynamics has risen to be the primary technological focus of the event. Just like the aerodynamic transformation of Formula 1 (F1) that took place in the 1960s, cycling is now pre-occupied with all things aero. Unlike F1 the concern for cycling is to minimize drag, whereas the realization in F1 was that downforce, not drag, was the key to improved performance. Read more >>

CFD Support Worth Paying For

CFD software is not like other desktop applications, such as a word processor. Using a word processor to write a novel is usually undertaken without expecting that the word processor software vendor to also provide help constructing sentences and paragraphs. Yet in the CFD industry that is exactly the expectation (need) of CFD users, i.e., CFD users expect help from a CFD vendor on how to construct a model (sentences) and run a simulation (paragraphs). Read more >>

Pipe Fun With CFD

After replicating the classic pipes screensaver in Caedium for fun, the next obvious step was to run CFD simulations for each pipe network to ramp up the fun even higher. Read more >>