November 2016: Fluid News Roundup

Make way for a general fluid news roundup this month with Formula 1, hydraulic capsule pipelines, and fish farming sea cages. This is probably the first time those three topics have appeared together, so savor the moment as it is unlikely to occur again.

F-Duct Racecar: McLaren 2010 MP4-25License: CC BY 2.0, Andrew Griffith

Double Diffusers and F-Ducts Explained

If you followed F1 in 2009 and 2010 you will probably recall the terms double diffuser and F-duct. However, unless you were in the aerodynamics department of an F1 team during that period you will probably only have a sketchy idea of how these devices actually produced the elusive, race-winning, downforce that is key to F1 success. Read more >>

Fluid Dynamics News: Hydraulic Capsule Pipelines and Fish Farming Sea Cages

Time for some fluid dynamics news with a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) slant. Check out how CFD was used to make hydraulic capsule pipeline predictions and simulate the flow through fish farming sea cages. Read more >>