September 2009

In this month's newsletter you'll find the latest news of our Caedium RANS Flow add-on development, background on our new newsletter email delivery system and, of course, the latest blog posts since our previous newsletter.

Complex Water Flow SimulationComplex Water Flow Simulation

Caedium RANS Flow Add-on

The various components of our Caedium RANS Flow add-on are coming together well. The meshing improvements, reported last month, are working reliably and the integration of OpenFOAM 1.6.x is almost complete - see the latest screenshot above to judge for yourself.

Testing, new tutorials and installation packaging await...

Newsletter Email Delivery System

We've updated our newsletter email delivery system to be more reliable and therefore the email it sends is less likely to be interpreted as spam. We are now using Mailman, which provides a dedicated (separate) site for subscription management tasks. Existing users shouldn't see any difference in the emails you receive, except for the new instructions in the footer of each email that describe how to manage your subscription and unsubscribe.


Below are teasers for my latest blog posts.

Future Tech: Cheap and Simple

The idea that price and capability are intimately linked goes without question, but when a disruptive technology or business model introduces a step change in that relationship, then you have a revolution - or if you are the incumbent, you have a dilemma. Cheap and simple is coming, ready or not.

Riblets: 400 Million Years in the Making

Sharks have been around for over 400 million years, pre-dating the dinosaurs by some 200 million years. 400 million years is quite a time to perfect the swift swimming skills that make sharks one of the most efficient predators on the Earth. But it's not only technique that makes sharks fast. Their slippery streamlined shape helps to minimizes pressure drag, and a specialized skin layer (dermal denticles) minimizes skin friction drag and serves as the inspiration for riblets.

Visualization Award Secrets

As part of the recent "Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing" (SciDAC) conference, an evening was devoted to choosing the top 10 scientific visualizations of the year. This year Wired ran an article on the most recent award winners, which raised the awards' profile to the visualization world's equivalent of the Oscars. So what does it take to win visualization awards? Read on for my 'simple' 5-step plan.

WWII Stealthy Flying Wing

The Northrop Grumman B-2 is the epitome of a stealthy flying wing. However, a recent study has shown that the Horton Ho 229, a World War II (WWII) flying-wing prototype, also shared a number of characteristics with the B-2, including stealth - 45 years prior to the first flight of the B-2.


Tutorials for Caedium RANS Flow add-on


I have used OpenFOAM in Linux and I'm waiting impatiently Caedium RANS Flow add-on release! One of the biggest problems for OpenFOAM newcomer is the lack of tutorials. Could you do at least one subsonic external aerodynamics tutorial for Caedium RANS Flow add-on? Something like subsonic wing aerodynamics, car aerodynamics or 3D sphere?

Maybe one case from this;

"Experimental and calculated characteristics of three wings of NACA 64-210 and 65-210 airfoil sections with and without 2 degree washout"
Sivells, James C
Nasa Langley Research Center

or some similar wing wind tunnel test could be interesting to reproduce with Caedium RANS Flow add-on?

Best regards,

External Aero Tutorial

Thanks for the feedback Jari.

We will have an external aerodynamic tutorial (most likely flow over a wing) ready with the release of the Caedium RANS add-on. Hopefully this will meet your needs.

External Aero Tutorial

Was this ever released?


Yes, try the RANS Flow tutorial: "Transonic Flow Over the NACA 0012 Airfoil"