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December 2010

Happy Holidays! Just before we say goodbye to 2010, here's my final news blast of the year. Keep reading for details on the new high-quality movie creation capability added to Caedium. See how Caedium Professional provided the cover CFD simulation on a popular textbook. Then finally, check out a dazzling fluid dress, ideal to garner attention at that New Year's Eve party.

Electronics Cooling CFD SimulationMovie Frame: Created by Caedium, rendered by POV-Ray

November 2010

Have you been following along with the F1 in Schools story? It started way back in February with the first Caedium CFD analysis of Basilisk Performance's CO2 rocket-powered dragster. Now we have the concluding episode with the team's results from the F1 in Schools 2010 World Finals. Also noteworthy this month: we have added a tip on Caedium's particles, and you'll find a couple of new blog posts.

Basilisk Performance Team and Booth Basilisk Performance Team and Booth

October 2010

No particular theme this month, but some interesting updates never-the-less. With the F1 in Schools World Finals over I can reveal the CFD work I did for the Australian team Basilisk Performance in their bid to become world champions. Also hot from the Symscape lab you can read about performing Caedium CFD simulations in the cloud. To round out this month's news I have also posted a new tip on simulation controls.

F1 in Schools World Finals CFD SimulationF1 in Schools World Finals CFD Simulation

September 2010

The dual themes of this month's newsletter are updates and videos. You'll find updates from OpenFOAM®1 1.6.x to 1.7.x for both Caedium and our OpenFOAM for Windows source code patch. And you'll find videos related to Caedium on our new YouTube channel. Also I have a new blog post on something close to all of our hearts - CFD pricing.

Symscape YouTube ChannelSymscape YouTube Channel

August 2010

Phew, what a month! We have just released a new version of Caedium that is capable of performing both faster and larger CFD simulations than ever before. We've updated all our RANS Flow tutorials to reflect more robust default solver settings, and we've added some new tips to help you simulate faster and better than ever. All that's left for me to do now is get out of your way and let you enjoy it.

Caedium on Windows HPC Server 2008 R2Caedium on Windows HPC Server 2008 R2

July 2010

Big news this month is a new release of our free Windows patch for OpenFOAM® with 64-bit and parallel capabilities. This is a precursor to providing the same capabilities in the Caedium RANS Flow and Professional add-ons (see sneak peek screenshot), but that's likely next month's lead story. Also check out the latest developments in our our website infrastructure and a blog article with a geeky theme.

Sneak Peek Caedium on Cluster
Sneak Peek: Caedium on Windows HPC Server 2008 (Cluster)

June 2010

This month I've been working hard on the next release of Caedium - all I can say at the moment is that soon you'll be able to run larger simulations faster...stay tuned for updates. In other news, I've launched a new poll and I've wrapped up the CFD novice-to-expert blog series - keep reading for more details.

May 2010

Not sure whether you want to commit to a full year Caedium Professional subscription after your 30-day free trial ends? Well you’ll be pleased to know that now you have the option to purchase per month and per quarter Caedium add-on subscriptions. Ever wondered what it takes to become a CFD expert? Then have I got a series of blog posts for you. Keep reading and all will be revealed.

CO2 Jet Car v2 Front View of StreamlinesInspiration: Airflow Around a Rocket Car

April 2010

Hope you can keep up with this month's high-octane newsletter - prepare for a thrilling race car theme. You'll find new examples of complex Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations over different types of race cars, and discover how Symscape helped an Australian team win a national F1 in Schools championship. Also there is more coverage of our recent Caedium for the Mac release, and some light relief in our April Fools' Day story about Caedium on the iPad.

Caedium Open Wheel Race Car CFD SimulationCaedium Open Wheel Race Car CFD Simulation

March 2010

The big news this month is the release of Caedium on the Mac. This latest release has enhancements and bug fixes for the Windows and Linux versions of Caedium too, so there's something for everyone. Anyone following the F1 in Schools CO2 dragster story from last month will be interested in a follow up comparison of a new CFD simulation for a revised dragster design. Finally, as one poll closes a new one awaits.

Caedium on the MacCaedium on the Mac

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