SketchUp/COLLADA Import

It would be great to have a SketchUp import option in Caedium. This could be provided by supporting the COLLADA format which SketchUp can export.

Edit: COLLADA import is now available in Caedium v3.0.2.

SketchUp Import

I also would like to build geometry in SketchUp for input to Caedium. SketchUp Pro will write 3ds, dxf and dwg files. Can anyone recommend a good converter to step from these formats? Of course, having Caedium read the SketchUp files directly would be ideal.

Follow-Up on SketchUp Import

SketchUp Pro 8 will write geometry to an .OBJ file, which Caedium will read. I was successful in doing it.

Limited Faceted Support

Currently you can only use the faceted formats, such as .obj, for Caedium Panel Flow (face-based) simulations. We don't support stitching imported facets into a volume for Caedium RANS Flow (volume-based) simulations.

Suitability of SketchUp for Geometric Model Input to Caedium

Is it true that presently SketchUp only provides surface mesh data and that this data cannot be converted to the NURBS/solids that are required for IGES/STEP?


To the best of my understanding, this is correct, i.e., SketchUp is a polygon modeler and there's no easy route to convert polygons to NURBS/solids.

For background on exchange formats try "Geometry Exchange."