Calculate h values?

I am interested in using your product for a project I'm working on. I need to calculate the h values in W/m2K - will your product allow me to calculate and display these?

[Edit: based on an email exchange]

Yes - assuming you mean the heat transfer coefficient

Assuming you mean the heat transfer coefficient (h) of a fluid next to a heated solid wall.

Then yes, I think we can - in Caedium you can specify a temperature boundary condition in terms of a heat flux per unit area, with that, the area, and the temperature difference between the wall and the fluid you should be able to calculate h.

To get started with heat transfer in Caedium try the tutorial "Incompressible Transient Flow with Heat Transfer"

To find the area of a face in Caedium review the forum reply "Area of a Face"

The surface temperatures in Caedium are interpolated from the field (off surface), rather than mimicking the boundary condition, so that should be everything you need.

You can also create new results (variables), for details try the tutorial "Fluid Flow Around a Sphere: Theory Comparison"