Can Caedium do this?


I want to perform CFD simulations on an application in which a body of water in a storage tank is heated up by a hot fluid (also water) that runs through a pipe spiraling through this body of water. The heat from the hot fluid is transferred through the "body" of the pipe into the body of (cold) water.

Is it possible to model this in Caedium without making any simplifications? Meaning, I want to model the metal wall of the pipe as well (which is a solid substance with certain thermal properties).

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Bouwe Westerdijk

No heat transfer through a solid

Currently Caedium does not support modelling of heat transfer through a solid - in your case the metal wall of the pipe.

Thank you for the quick

Thank you for the quick answer!

Next question: is it possible to simplify the situation by creating a (water-)solid in the shape of the pipe which is inside the solid which represents the body of water? Will there be heat transfer from the pipe-shaped-solid into the surrounding body-of-water-solid?

Single continuous flow volume

Still no can do. Caedium only supports a single continuous flow volume. You can specify temperature or heat flux on a wall and have it influence the fluid similar to the tutorial "Incompressible Transient Flow with Heat Transfer"