Section planes

Hi, I have a question about results on section planes: how the results are calculated on these sections?

Interpolated onto target geometry

For a color map as described in the comment at "Caedium RANS Flow Results Extraction Sneak Peek", Caedium interpolates flow data on to the target geometry (e.g., a plane). To control the resolution of the interpolation you can use the Accuracy tool on the target geometry.

And do I need to add accuracy

And do I need to add accuracy similar to the accuracy of the volume, right?
I previously saw that a very fine accuracy on the plane and a low accuracy on the volume brings bad results, like a lot of spots on the plane. Thanks.

Similar to the accuracy of the volume

Yes, it helps if your target geometry Accuracy is more or less equivalent (doesn't have to be a perfect match) to the Accuracy on your flow volume.