Create an edge to display results

Hi there,

I made a simple box x: 2.5 m, y: 1 m, z: 1m and I ran a simple RANS problem (flow going in and out from the box).

I wish to display a specific variable along an "virtual" edge going from (0.97, 0, 0) to (0.97, 0, 1), so the edge is at x=0.97m parallel to the z-axis. Is there a simple way to do that (note that this edge do not exist in the geometry).

Create Vertices then Line

To create a line joining vertices:

  1. Create two vertices at the start and end points using the Vertices->Vertex tool in the Geometry Tool Palette
  2. Create the line using the Edges->Spline tool - multi-select the two vertices you just created
  3. Drag and drop tools from the Results Tool Palette on to the edge to visualize or plot results

If you only supply 2 vertices, as in this case, to the spline tool it will create a straight line.

To control the number of sample points on the new edge use the Accuracy tool in the Physics Tool Palette.