Unable to specify boundary conditions


I'm participating in F1 in schools this year, and am using caedium (mac version) by following the "Flow over a Co2 dragster" tutorial. However, I am unable to specify the wall conditions. When I drag and drop "wall" onto a face, there is no selection choice of "flow-volume --> face", and no face can be found even if I click the other options.

It'll be great if you have the answer to this problem that I have. I'm pretty sure that I had followed the previous steps properly because I repeated it multiple times, but the same problem keeps arising. Thanks!

Use the tutorial geometry first

Are you following the tutorial and using the associated project file (.sym)? If not I suggest you do before trying your own geometry.

To select all faces you need to drag and drop the wall onto the background in a geometry free area to get all the entities listed in the Select Dialog.

As you drag the wall condition faces (via edges) under the cursor should be highlighted, does this happen?

When you progress to your own geometry you need to create a single volume of the air around your car.

Hi, I've tried using the


I've tried using the associated project, and I can complete the entire tutorial.

But when I start on own geometry, it is not inside the rectangular boundary. How am I able to create a single volume of the air around my car? Thanks for your help!

Start simple

I suggest you gain experience with simplified models before attempting a full car.

For more on volumes for CFD see: