Question about minimum E Ratio and Vol Ratio values

Hello. I was wondering if there are minimum E Ratio and Vol Ratio values to have as a goal?

I am asking because I have kept increasing the mesh resolution of my simulation to increase the minimum E Ratio and Vol Ratio values of my mesh elements, but after many tries still cannot get the solver to run my current simulation and get the “illegal cell label -1 in neighbor addressing for face 22474339” message. I know from Symscape’s webpage on solver problems that that this error message is related to failure of the volume to mesh either because of a geometry or mesh problem(s). That said, is there a practical minimum E Ratio and/or Vol Ratio to seek before even trying to run the solver?

My lowest-ratio E Ratio element is visible until the top slider is at the bottom of the scale (0.239) and my lowest-ratio Vol Ratio element is is visible until I move the top slider down to ~ 0.140. I have to move the Vol Ratio slider up to ~ 0.20 to see any clusters, and even then I only see a few.

I have also looked over the geometry, redrawn the geometry, checked BC assignments, checked the substance assignment, etc., and cannot find problems there, hence my focusing on the mesh resolution.

I keep trying but have worked on this for two weeks without resolution, so many thanks in advance for any help!