CO2 dragster tutorial problem

Hi, through my recent try to simulate the car through caedium, i haven't been able to apply the conditions on the car like (wall, inlet), even though that the air combining worked fine, what could be the mistakes i have done? and how to create a perfect geometry of the car in order to work fine and smooth?

Hope anyone answers :D

Try Simple Geometry First

Have you successfully completed the tutorial "Flow Over a CO2 Dragster" ?

Have you successfully managed to export a simple shape (e.g., a cube) from your CAD system (use STEP .stp) into Caedium and run a simulation?

If you haven't completed either of the examples above then I don't think you should yet try a full car. Keep the geometry simple until you are confident you know how to perform a simulation. You need to pay close attention to warnings. If you see a warning then most likely there is a meshing failure which you need to fix before you continue.

I would guess your geometry doesn't form a closed water tight volume around your car. For more see:

I suggest you work through the diagnostics in the FAQ "How do I fix mesh and solver failures?"