Flow through porous material

I am looking at Caedium to do some modeling of air flowing through grain bins. The grain would be treated as a porous media. The air will enter the bin through small openings in a floor above an air duct under the floor. Will Caedium be able to handle this project? If it will, need recommendation on how to handle the openings in the floor through which the air flows into the grain bin. Thanks.

Caedium can simulate porous media

Yes, Caedium should be able to simulate your application using porous media. You will need to be able to characterize the grain using the porous media parameters.

Before trying your fully configured application I suggest, if you haven't already, you work through some basic Caedium tutorials to get an idea of how Caedium operates. Then I suggest you consider a simple test case (in terms of geometry and physics) that mimics the main characteristics of your application, where you can experiment with different inlet and (equally important) outlet configurations. Getting the correct setup often involves trial and error, so without more details I can't offer more advice.

If you purchase a Caedium Professional subscription I can provide detailed one-on-one support.