Mesh Error

face_2:Triangulator failed:Edge already in front.

Any ideas?

Accuracy Tool

Glad you found the problem or at least a work around.

The Accuracy tool on the Physics Tool Palette is also useful in ensuring that the triangulator doesn't fail due to inadequate mesh resolution. For more details read our tip on the "Accuracy Tool."


If I'm getting this same message: "Triangulator failed: edge already in front," would the best thing to do be to decease the Accuracy Resolution on the F1 (in Schools) car iteslf?
What I also am finding is that the simulation in terms of building up the Vector Fields->U is taking far too long than it probably should- in the last situation I tried it ran overnight and still had not completed. Also when doing this the number of faces left in the status window continually increases to an alarmingly high number into the millions.

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Focus on the surface mesh first

If the triangulator fails then the volume mesh will also be corrupt. Focus on your surface mesh first, fix up the problem areas by either joining small slither faces with neighbors or increasing the Accuracy->Resolution. For more details review the comment "Mesh Diagnostics."

Error Figured Out

Surface came too close to itself...