Caedium v2.0.0 Update

Caedium v2.0.0 is now available - read more at "Caedium RANS Flow Released".

For existing Caedium users this update incorporates the following enhancements:

  • Multi-pane window layout is now saved and restored
  • Can now plot multiple attributes (e.g., lift and drag) on the same geometry in a single plot
  • GUI bug fixes with a wxWidgets update
  • Geometry engined bug fixes with a Open Cascade update
  • 3D visualization performance improvements and bug fixes with a VTK update
  • Transient no longer a Physics Tool Palette tool, instead it's a property within Substance>State
  • Residuals for monitoring solver convergence
  • Middle mouse button for pan and mouse wheel for zoom
  • Integrate particles option for forward, backwards and both
  • Hide/Show colormap/vector widget in view, so can maximize viewing area
  • Shorter attribute names with full name as a tooltip
  • New Lock toolbar button to lock the simulation while traverse time to post-process results
  • Viable Geometry, Physics and Results tools are highlighted in bold in their respective Tool Palettes
  • Properties highlighted in pink can be deleted, using left mouse click context menu
  • Added color property to Rulers
  • Numerous bug fixes

Note some enhancements may not be accessible if you haven't activated certain Caedium add-ons.

This update will take Caedium to v2.0.0, which will update all modules.

You can update manually in Caedium using Help->Check for Updates, or wait for the automated announcement during Caedium start-up. If you have recently installed Caedium you won't need to update, but there is no harm in checking for updates anyway.