Caedium v2.0.1 Update

Caedium v2.0.1 is now available - read more at "World's First: Caedium's CFD Simulations Tweet Telemetry".

For existing Caedium users this update incorporates the following bug fixes:

  • Multiple focus issues are fixed, such as changing the active window while running a simulation did not update the clock controls if you returned to the original window
  • The RANS solver generates a volume mesh as needed, rather than by default, saving time when you request mesh metrics on faces for example
  • FLUENT (.msh, .cas) import no longer fails if there is a comma present in a comment, so a FLUENT case (.cas) exported from Pointwise and imported into Caedium will succeed
  • A convoluted set of events that caused a crash after deleting a View Window and undoing is fixed

Note some enhancements and bug fixes may not be accessible if you haven't activated certain Caedium add-ons.

This update will take Caedium to v2.0.1, which will update nearly all modules.

You can update manually in Caedium using Help->Check for Updates, or wait for the automated announcement during Caedium start-up. If you have recently installed Caedium you won't need to update, but there is no harm in checking for updates anyway.