Problem running RANS Flow


I am trying out Caedium Professional (30 day trial) and am having problems getting a RANS Flow simulation to run.

I downloaded the pipe-box-flow.sym project from your website and performed these steps:

1. Opened the file in Caedium Pro (activated trial version)
2. Dragged the time line slider back to time = 0
3. Clicked Play

After a few seconds of processing, I get this error (repeated a number of times) in the Properties window:

RANS Flow failed
Reading field failed: 'C:\DOCUME~1\User\LOCALS~1\Temp\of-5F.tmp/4/U'

Any idea what went wrong?

Confirmed Problem

I can duplicate the error messages if I follow the same set of operations, thanks for reporting this problem.

If you want to reset the simulation click the Beginning button on the toolbar instead.

The time slider-bar is really intended for reviewing archived data as in the "Incompressible Transient Flow with Heat Transfer" tutorial.