meshing - curvature size funtion


I am trying to mesh an imported geometry with a rounded face. But I find extremely difficuly to have a uniform mesh in the rounded face, I Just manage to have a good quality mesh close to edges that made off the rounded face and as the mesh growths the elements get bigger and bigger. I wonder if there is an option to mesh a face with a curvature size function, so I can have a uniform face in the rounded face.


Use the Accuracy Tool

If you want the entire face to be better resolved by the mesh then try applying the Accuracy tool from the Physics Tool Palette to the face, set the Accuracy property to Custom and keep increasing the Resolution property until you are happy with the mesh density. If you want to reduce the rate of cell size growth away from the face then reduce the Growth Rate. For more details on mesh control review "Accuracy Tool."

Sorry there is no curvature size function.

Import a surface mesh?


I wonder if it is possible to import a surface mesh. For the moment I find extremely difficult to get a good mesh using caedmiun mesher.



Support Wavefront and FLUENT formats

Yes, the two formats to consider are:

  • Alias/Wavefront (.obj) for faceted surfaces
  • FLUENT (.msh, .cas) for a volume mesh and just use the surfaces

What specifically are the difficulties you see with the Caedium surface meshing?

There are Accuracy tool examples in the following tutorials that you might find useful:

Fine Mesh, Coarse Mesh


I want to have a fine mesh on the rounded face and a coarse mesh on the other faces (flat faces), but always the mesh propagates to the flat faces and at the end I have an extremely fine surface mesh in all the faces. So I think it will be easier to generate the mesh using an external mesher and then importing it. When using fluent format, do i need to read in the volume mesh or only the surface mesh?, the fluent mesh needs to be in binary or ascii format?


FLUENT import requires a ASCII volume mesh

You'll need a FLUENT volume mesh in ASCII - this was really intended for Caedium RANS Flow, but it will also work with Caedium Panel Flow.

I'm guessing you are generating quadrilateral meshes, in which case you are right the control is tricky. However, if you are creating triangle meshes then the propagation is controlled by the Accuracy->Growth Rate property, which determines how the mesh cells grow away from the entity you attached the Accuracy property to. If you want a coarser mesh then increase the Growth Rate, say to 1.3.