Problematic Geometry

Frequently more complex geometry generated in solid modellers cause trouble with the mesh generators, even after a 'fix' has been applied. It appears bodies of revolution are particularly troublesome. Are there specific techniques to employ in the modeling to improve the robustness of the meshing operation?

Use the Accuracy Tool

I don't think the problem lies with the geometry as imported into Caedium. It sounds to me like you need to apply mesh constraints according to:

  1. Select the Conditions->Accuracy tool in the Physics Tool Palette
  2. In the Properties Panel set the Accuracy option to Custom
  3. Drag and drop the Conditions->Accuracy tool onto the faces that need extra resolution
  4. In the Properties Panel keep increasing Accuracy: Custom->Resolution until you get the surface mesh density you want
  5. Try generating the volume mesh

For more details try:

Note that each RANS Flow tutorial, with the exception of the 2D airfoil, demonstrates the use of the Accuracy tool in order to better control the mesh generation process.