Import a SketchUp Model

See how to exchange your SketchUp models with Caedium using the COLLADA (.dae) file format.




  1. In SketchUp select File->Export->3D Model...
  2. In the Export Model dialog click Options...
  3. In the DAE Export Options dialog enable Triangulate All Faces, click OK
    SketchUp DAE (COLLADA) Export OptionsSketchUp DAE (COLLADA) Export Options
  4. Set Export type: = COLLADA File (*.dae)
  5. Set your model file name and click Export
  6. In Caedium select the File Toolbar and click the Import button . In the Import dialog select the COLLADA model file, and click Open.
    Caedium Showing COLLADA ModelCaedium Showing COLLADA Model