Punch a Hole in a Face

You can use the Boolean subtract operation available in our Caedium Builder and Professional add-ons to punch (subtract) a hole in a face using a volume (e.g., a cylinder). Follow along with this tip to see how.

Hole Punch

Hole Punch


  1. You have downloaded, installed, and activated Caedium Builder or Caedium Professional.
  2. You are familiar with Caedium essentials.


  1. Start Caedium and select the Geometry Tool Palette. Drag and drop the Faces->Rectangle tool onto the View Window (view). Select Done to create a square (face).
  2. Select the Volumes->Cylinder tool and set the Radius to 2 in the Properties Panel. Press Enter on the keyboard to apply the changes to the Properties Panel.
  3. Drag and drop the Volumes->Cylinder tool onto the View Window (view). Double click sim in the Select dialog and select Done to generate a cylinder (volume).
  4. In the Home Toolbar click the Fit-All button so that you can see everything in the View Window.
  5. To translate the square to the middle of the cylinder, select the Transforms->Translate tool. In the Properties Panel set Translate to [-5 -5 5].
  6. Drag and drop the Transforms->Translate tool onto an edge of the square in the View Window. Select Done to translate the square to the middle of the cylinder.
  7. Drag and drop the Booleans->Subtract tool directly onto an edge of the square. Double-click face in the Select dialog to select the square.
  8. Select Select/Deselect from the menu, right-click on the edge of the cylinder (volume), and then double-click volume to select the cylinder. Select Done to subtract the cylinder from the square. The result will be a square face with a hole in its center (face_7).