Import an OpenFOAM Mesh

The Caedium RANS Flow and Caedium Professional add-ons can both import OpenFOAM meshes, but they require a special dummy (empty) file to locate the OpenFOAM case directory.


Caedium assumes that the OpenFOAM mesh (polyMesh) lies within the standard case directory structure:


where <case-directory-root> can be any directory name.

To be able to select an OpenFOAM case using the Caedium import dialog, you need to have a dummy (empty) file at the same directory level as the <case-directory-root>, with filename:



In the File Toolbar click the Import button . Navigate to the location of the <case-directory-root>.ofm file and double-click on <case-directory-root>.ofm to import the OpenFOAM mesh into Caedium.


  • When you export an OpenFOAM case using Caedium, it will also write out the <case-directory-root>.ofm dummy file
  • Caedium does not support arbitrary polyhedra, such as the elements produced by snappyHexMesh